Pizza en



Via degli Scipioni, 248

This is PINSA Romana, that’s a kind of pizza with very old origins.
That have a bit a thicker border then normal and is soft in the middle, a bit crunchy and a lot of fullfilment over.
Really Lovely and tasty style.
Have a great consideration in town

ARCHETTO ( Pizza Romana)

Via Germanico, 105

This rounded pizza. Is prepared in Roman style (very thin a bit crunchy) Really excellent the pizza and the consideration of this place. Considered one of the best in all Vatican Area


Viale Giulio Cesare, 89/91


Pizza in Naple’s style.
This kind of pizza is thin and soft in the middle, with tick and soft border Not the best, but still an excellent quality of this kind of pizza

PANIFICIO BONCI (Pizza Gourmet slices)

Via Trionfale, 36

This place is a bakery, but extremely famous for Pizza Gourmet. Actually considered the best pizza gourmet that you can eat in Italy.
In the shop you can find also many other specialities and everything is prepared with special care by real experts.
Really excellent food for reasonable prices.

In the shop doesn’t have table, need to go out left to the next shop where he have table to seat and eat.


Via Fabio Massimo 46

This place prepare pizza slices. The quality of their products is excellent.
By what you eat is easy to understand that they studied how to make pizza and they learned very well.


Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 46

Pizza in Naple’s style
This name is of one of the most relevant pizza makers of Naples. Actually they opened a pizzeria here in Rome and what they prepare is fantastic.

The original place in Naples is surely a bit better, but still an excellent product and also are some other typical fries and meat balls.